Seeking Truth is in full communion with Catholic doctrine and was formed at the invitation of the Archdiocese of Omaha. Watch the video endorsement from the Most Reverend George Lucas, Archbishop of Omaha. 


ArchbishopLucasThere are so many opportunities these days, so many good materials and opportunities to study and reflect on the scripture.

We are really blessed in the Archdiocese of Omaha with the Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study, which Steve and Sharon Doran have initiated and offered now for a few years.

I have been able to look in on the class myself a few times and I am impressed with the number of people who commit to a year long course of study and reflection on the scriptures and who are faithful to that week after week.

I have found the presentations to be lively and fresh and in keeping with Catholic teaching and Catholic understanding of the scripture.

So many people have been benefitting from being able to know more about God's Word in scripture but then also to internalize it, and see it as an encouragement to becoming more faithful Disciples of Christ.

Most Reverend George Lucas, Archdiocese of Omaha NE

ConleyPope Benedict XVI said that “our own time must be increasingly marked by a new hearing of God’s word and a new evangelization.”  

Seeking Truth Bible Studies are a response to Benedict’s call: they are a faithful proclamation of God’s word, and a bold, joyful, and vibrant witness to life in Jesus Christ.

I am very grateful for the ministry of Seeking Truth Bible Studies in Nebraska, and for the enthusiasm and fidelity with which they teach the living Word of God. I am sure that all Catholics would benefit from the kind of dynamic study of Scripture offered by Seeking Truth.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Seeking Truth Bible Studies are helping Catholics to become more faithful and more holy missionary disciples of Jesus Christ.

Most Reverend James Conley, Bishop of Lincoln NE

Hanefeldt 2Perhaps the most powerful way our Lord enters into the minds and hearts of his people is by means of Sacred Scripture. Throughout the history of the Church, the proclamation, study and reflection upon God’s holy word has been the means of a profound encounter with Jesus.

Seeking Truth has given hundreds of people a new and transforming encounter with our Lord through an organized study of the inspired word of God. By reading, praying, reflecting and sharing one’s own personal encounter with our Lord, participants enter into a weekly journey of faith. Seeking Truth enables them to bear witness to their faith wherever daily life takes them.

Shortly after I was assigned to serve as pastor of Christ the King parish in Omaha, I began to encounter parishioners who were participating in Seeking Truth. Their energy and excitement itself was a testimony of the fruits of this weekly gathering. The following year I happened to meet Steve Doran outside the Blessed Sacrament chapel. Little did he know that he was about to “read my mind” when he asked me about the possibility of having Christ the King parish host a weekly Seeking Truth Bible Study in our Parish Center. It was something I had been considering, given the growing desire of others to participate, the location of our parish in the city and the capacity of our parish facilities to host this weekly bible study.

In the two years that followed I heard so many good comments from people who were participating in Seeking Truth. Most of the comments highlighted the fact that people felt they were “learning so much about their faith.” Seeking Truth, by means of God’s word, develops the gift of faith and the ascent of faith is profoundly consoling and fulfilling. This bible study is rich in content. More than simply a historical look at scripture, Seeking Truth integrates the insights of study with an invitation to encounter Jesus through His word.

As the Bishop of Grand Island I am pleased to know that Seeking Truth is reaching more and more people, especially those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to participate in a weekly Bible Study program. May the Lord continue to bless you in His service, to deepen in the hearts of all who participate in Seeking Truth an awareness of Jesus, who said, “know that I am with you always...” (Mt. 28:20)


Most Reverend Joseph G. Hanefeldt, Bishop of Grand Island, NE

iMartin"Sharon Doran's Bible Study is helping hundreds of men and women connect with the Word of God in a way which makes a difference in their lives – and their numbers continue to grow.

How fortunate we are to have the ability now to access these excellent bible studies wherever we are in the world through this website. Spread the word!"

Ralph Martin, S.T.D.
Director Graduate Theology Programs in the New Evangelization,
Sacred Heart Major Seminary Archdiocese of Detroit,
President, Renewal Ministries,
Author of "Fulfillment of All Desire" and "Will Many Be Saved?" and many more.

Gray"Sharon Doran is a dear friend in Christ and a fabulous Bible Study leader!! The explosive combination of her passion and prayer with the Word of God makes her a terrific teacher who will lead you not only into the Truth, but help you see that the Truth is a loving person, Jesus the Christ! Sharon was one of our best students at the Augustine Institute and I know from our friendship that she is not only trustworthy but a terrific witness to our Catholic Faith. Few people have the gift Sharon has for connecting faith and life. Listen to her, and you will find God's Word abiding deeply in the midst of your world!" 

Dr. Tim Gray
President of the Augustine Institute Denver Colorado
Author of “Praying Scripture for a Change” “Mission of the Messiah” and many more.

Manhardt"Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study challenges those who are seeking the fullness of truth as well as those who have found 'the pearl of great price' to go deeper into the mystery of God's Word.

Each person seeks the Bible for greater understanding individually.
Small groups allow for sharing of insights.
Finally, Sharon Doran provides dynamic weekly lectures with beautiful images to pull the pieces all together, and bring greater clarity to the passages studied.

Anyone who is open to being intellectually and spiritually challenged will benefit from the Seeking Truth Catholic Bible Study."

Laurie A. Manhardt, PhD
Come and See-Catholic Bible Study Co-Author