Online Catholic Bible Study

For individuals wanting to learn at their own pace, our online Catholic Bible study is the perfect opportunity. The teaching director, Sharon Doran, is an experienced Bible study teacher with Masters degrees in both Education and Pastoral Theology with and emphasis in Sacred Scripture. In her 15th year of Biblical teaching experience, her lectures are rich with canonical connections. She uses many images which draw the viewer into a deeper understanding of God’s word. 


On-Line Learning registration fee is $20 per lecture series.   This fee gives you unlimited access to the particular archived lecture series for which you register. 

You can register and sign up on our website to get access to all the lecture videos.

With your paid registration, you will also receive a free pdf download that contains a summary and study questions for each lecture.  (Isaiah the Prophet study questions available Sept 2018)

Sharon’s lectures are presented in rich media format, with audio, video and an abundance of beautiful images. You will be able to view the current lectures as well as lectures from past years.  

You can choose from the following lecture series:

     Ezekiel, Hebrews and Revelation
     Synoptic Gospels
     Moses and the Torah
     Acts of the Apostles and Pauline Letters
     Gospel of John 
     Isaiah (begins Sept 2017)

The lectures for the current year are posted within a few days after the live class (see Calendar page for schedule), while past lectures are available at any time.  For 2017-18, we will be studying the Isaiah, begining September 14th, 2017. 

Seeking Truth utilizes state-of-the-art technology that allows instant viewing of the rich media presentation on a variety of devices: personal computer (both Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X) and most mobile devices (iOS, Android, and BlackBerry).

Your registration fee will provide you unlimited access to the archived lecture series.  

For the motivated learner, you can purchase the corresponding study guide from the "Come and See Catholic Bible Study" series, available online or from your local Catholic book store.  After each commentary, there is a series of questions to further deepen your knowledge of the Bible in conjunction with the Catholic faith.